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I think every parent and child should be taught this. It could save thousands of lives every year:

ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) teaches children how to roll, float, and swim.

Visit their website for more info:

Activists from Reporters without Borders attempted to disrupt the lighting of the Olympic Flame. Their attempt was partially successful in that it did cause some disruption and it made news today–keeping the focus on Tibet.

I’m a bit behind with getting this posted here, but The Burma Campaign UK have a new single for sale by Lo-Star. All profits go to help their cause. The video is available below:

Finally China admits that it “shot” at some protesters. But is it much too little too late? Watching the video from the BBC of the confrontation that perhaps started all of this; I am moved to tears.

Chinese police opened fire and wounded four protesters “in self-defence” last Sunday in a Tibetan area of Sichuan province, the Xinhua news agency says.

It is the first time China has admitted injuring anyone since anti-Chinese protests in Tibet began last week.

Xinhua said police opened fire in Aba county – the same place that Tibetan activists said eight people were killed during protests near Kirti monastery.

Activists released graphic photos of dead bodies showing bullet wounds.

China has said that only 13 people have been killed during the protests, and that all were innocent and killed by “rioters” in Lhasa.

The Tibetan government in exile has said at least 99 people have died so far, including 80 in Lhasa – and have accused the security forces of firing on crowds.

Earlier on Thursday, China admitted for the first time that the protests had spread outside the Tibetan Autonomous Region to nearby provinces in south-western China where large numbers of ethnic Tibetans live.

In a phone call to her Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged China to show restraint and enter dialogue with the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists.

Meanwhile White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said President George W Bush would go ahead with a visit to the Beijing Olympic Games in August despite the unrest, and would use the opportunity to speak openly to President Hu Jintao.

Map of Unrest: (Clearly shows that it’s more than just Lhasa…)

BBC Coverage:


I Totally Agree!!

Jim Carrey speaking out on behalf of the millions of oppressed people in Burma/Myanmar. It’s oddly disturbing to see him so serious… I think it brings out just how severe the conditions within the country really are.

Once again I would like to rededicate this blog to Adam Zilinskas and thank Adam’s wife and friends for allowing me to share moments of his trip with you.

Later that night some of the group attended chöd prayers down at Shugseb. I didn’t go. I was too tired… and too… thoughtful. I suppose I just wanted some space. I’d had a pleasant talk with Maggie and also Adam in the afternoon. It’s so refreshing to have made new connections. Adam is so wise, in such a quiet way. Sometimes we just sit, on the wall, watching the spider monkeys or the golden eagles, in silence. Each contemplating our own thoughts. It’s… nice.

It didn’t take the group long to get back, and Adam had taken some footage on his little camera. It was really interesting to see–and so thoughtful of him to take a little clip so that we all could see it.

Here is the clip:

A Film by Gaetano Kazuo Maida, Narrated by Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley

Author of many books (including the bestsellers Being Peace, Living Buddha/Living Christ, The Miracle of Mindfulness and Peace Is Every Step), Thich Nhat Hanh has had a profound impact on contemporary thinking and, importantly, social action. His efforts to achieve an early peaceful end to the American war in Vietnam earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a forty year exile from his homeland. His ongoing work teaching reconciliation and meditation with war veterans, widows, orphans, refugees, therapists, activists, and ecumenical groups has gained him a large and respectful following around the world.

Filmed on location in Plum Village, France; Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC; and at retreats around the U.S. Plus: rare archival footage from Vietnam detailing the work of his School of Youth for Social Service in the 1960s

Appearances by Peter Matthiessen, Maxine Hong Kingston, Stephen Batchelor, Joan Halifax and other writers and activists, With DVD bonus feature: Touching Peace: An Evening With Thich Nhat Hanh

Introduced by Joanna Macy (90 minutes)

dvd available at

Today is a bad health day. I am bloated, nauseous, have a headache and haven’t been sleeping because of the costochondritis. Oh well, it was snowing when I woke up, covering everything in it’s silent shroud–and it’s still snowing now. They forecast only 1=2″ but I think we’ve seen at least that much already.

Other than that I’m not really up to doing much today. Watching “ABC Africa” about civil war and AIDS in Uganda and a group of women who are trying to help the millions of orhans. It’s quite … sad but enlightening at the same time.

Phoenix stood up and walked today… which was quite shocking. He was all “I can walk now” and off he went. It means he can go back to school next week, which we’re all really pleased about. 🙂