I had a dream early this morning that still resonates with me even now. I dreamed that I was dying and that it was the day when I must tell everyone. It was so difficult. I was assuring them that I would be fine and that I’d make it through the Bardo. They were all crying and pleading me to stay–even though death wasn’t my choice.

At one point H.H. 17th Gyalwa Karmapa came to me and held my hands. He told me that the suffering I had been through had taught me well and that inner peace is the start of peace throughout the world. He told me that I was stepping through the mirror and soon the weight would be left behind.

He gave me a khata and a blessed cord and walked outside. I followed him, but he’d gone. I started coughing and blood came out of my mouth–each drop falling to the ground created a red lotus flower that instantly bloomed and died and bloomed again.

I awoke to the Buddha calling my name.

Now, I just can’t shake that feeling. That I was walking in the moment of death. That any moment would be my last. I felt calm and sure. I wasn’t afraid. I was … happy, peaceful… warm.

I’m not sure what it all means… but I just thought I would post it here. A random sojourn from my usual posts…