Paris, May 10 – Two months after the revolt in Tibet, hundreds of Tibetans, French Tibet supporters, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Burmese and others marched today in the streets of Paris in solidarity with Tibet. Tibetan Community of France and others called for a national day of protest here in France.

Thupten Gyatso, the president of Tibetan Community in France said that “since March 10, the Chinese government has continued a policy of military repression against Tibetan civilians with impunity. Today hundreds of Tibetans have been killed and several thousands of Tibetans are languishing in prison for expressing their political opinion.” He called on the Chinese authorities to release all the prisoners immediately.

Tibetan dressed as monks for dramatisation of situation in Tibet. (photo: Tenam)

He also called for free access to media in Tibet, immediate cessation of repression in Tibet and direct negotiation between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Hu Jintao on the future of Tibet.

A signature campaign asking French president Nicholas Sarkozy to meet with His Holiness was also signed by many people.

Tibetans and Tibet supporters are asking for the cancellation of the Tibet leg of the Beijing Olympics torch.

Mayors of hundreds of towns across France have decided to raise the Tibetan national flag in support of Tibet.

Tibetan community will be organising a national protest once every month and two-day vigil in Paris every weekend.