Officials interrupted the Olympic torch relay amid protests in Paris on Monday, extinguishing the flame, putting it aboard a bus.

About 80 athletes were to jog it through the heart of the French capital, starting with a colorful ceremony at the Eiffel tower amid massive security.

There were some problems during the torch relay in London on Sunday from protesters angry over China’s human rights record.

One protester managed to evade a phalanx of police and security guards to almost snatch the torch out of a runner’s hands. Another tried to douse it with a fire extinguisher.

In Paris, the runner and the torch were being surrounded by a veritable moving fortress of police vehicles, motorcycles and hundreds of officers, some of them on roller skates.

Even before the relay began, French police sealed off the area around the Eiffel Tower and ordered protesters to put away their Tibetan flags.

The Olympic torch was expected to arrive in the United States this week as it hop-scotched around the world in the runup to the Summer Games in China.

It was expected to be in San Francisco on Wednesday, one of 21 stops on six continents and the only one in North America.