From an email I received:

Nearly three weeks have passed since Tibetan monks from Drepung Monastery carried out peaceful protests demanding their freedom. Their action spread to Sera Monastery and then to the streets of Lhasa and into the hearts of Tibetans across Tibet and around the world, igniting a nationwide uprising.

Despite massive military presence, widespread incarceration, torture, and an ongoing media blackout, Tibetans continue to rise up.

On Thursday, a group of monks disrupted a tightly controlled Chinese government media tour of Lhasa – the only foreign media allowed into Tibet since the national uprising started on March 10th. As dozens of journalists and their government handlers toured the Jokhang temple, thirty monks burst out of a room to tell the journalists that “Tibet is not free” and not to believe China’s lies.

At great risk to their personal safety, these incredibly brave monks have sent yet another message of freedom to the world.

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Tibetans are rising up like never before against Chinese rule. After suffering for half a century and in this Olympic year, with all eyes on China, Tibetans are risking everything for their freedom. This is the uprising of a people against their oppressor, and the only possible outcome is freedom. But Tibetans inside Tibet still need our support more than ever before.

SFT has had its work cut out for it over the past weeks: the lighting of the Tibetan Freedom Torch; our recent protests in Olympia Greece; thousands of emails, faxes and letters targeting decision makers around the world to remove Tibet from the torch relay route; working around the clock to ensure the international media tells the true story of what is happening inside Tibet. And we’re just getting started. SFT will continue to be at the forefront of international efforts to ensure that Tibetans’ call for freedom is amplified around the world in the lead up to and during the Beijing Olympics.

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On Monday, March 31st, as the Olympic torch relay arrives in Beijing with much celebration and fanfare, Tibetans and supporters around the world will take part in a Global Day of Action for Tibet. Click here to find a protest or vigil near you. If you are organizing an event on this day, please let us know by email:

On the day of action, Avaaz – the global organization that has collected an unprecedented 1.2 million signatures in support of Tibet – will be delivering this historic petition to Chinese embassies and consulates around the world. Help reach the goal of 2 million signatures before Monday! Sign the Avaaz petition – Stand With Tibet.

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Tibet will be free.

Kalaya’an Mendoza
Grassroots Coordinator
Students for a Free Tibet