A list of the dead?

20 Tibetans were reported dead following the crackdown by Chinese forces on March 16th, and 9 have been confirmed and identified as:
1. Tashi (27-year old male from Lhade Gongma Tsedrugtsang Village)
2. Tsezin Totsang (32-year old male from Thechung)
3. Lhundup Tsomo Jigjetsang, (17-year old student at Tibetan Middle School, from Ngoshu Village)
4. Atisha Gangwatsang (male from Denshu Village)
5. Norbu Phurwagoen (15-year old male, student at Tibetan Middle School, from Shanglung Village)
6. Butrang Dhargyetsang (female)
7. A Monk from Zamthang
8. Sangay (18-year old male from Raro Village)
9. Gyamtso Beize

Photos of the identified victims are available at: http://www.studentsforafreetibet.org/ngaba

butter lamps copyright Adam Zilinzkas 2007

Photo – Adam Zilinskas 2007