Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao has accused the Tibetan spiritual leader of masterminding the protests — which culminated in a riot on Friday in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa — from his base in the Northern Indian town of Dharamsala, where he lives in exile.

Prayer Flags, HHDL Residence, Dharamsala

Prayer Flags outside HHDL Residence, Dharamsala, Northern India, 2007

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“We are in the midst of a fierce struggle involving blood and fire, a life and death struggle with the Dalai Clique,” Tibet’s Communist Party secretary, Zhang Qingli, told a teleconference of the region’s government and Party leaders.

“Leaders of the whole country must deeply understand the arduousness, complexity and long-term nature of the struggle,” he said in remarks carried online by the China Tibet News.

Photo of children looking on toward dead bodies of protesters in Tibet

Image from FreeTibet.Org