R is sleeping really well. Must be almost three or four hours now. They told us he didn’t sleep all that well, but he seems to be doing great. He’s so adorable. Sure it’s hard work, but I really do love being a mom. Everyone has been so wonderful to us. We have more baby stuff than we could ever need.. it’s mind blowing.

In other news, I guess I’m not eating that well because I just don’t have time. I’ll get more used to it. R’s schedule is still a bit whacky so we’re all getting used to it. He seems to be going longer between feedings and stuff… which is good as it gives me a bit of a rest. I am sooo tired right now I could sleep for a week. And it’s only been one night. Where are the ever obliging relatives when you need them… oh.. wait… LOL.

So.. Paige… When can I expect you? *giggle*