It’s only a few days until we welcome our first foster child “R”. I am excited. He was born September 28th and so is still very small. Barbara is bringing over a crib tomorrow. We have one here, but she wanted to donate one complete with mattress to our cause. A lot of Phoenix’s old clothes were in the basement, so they’re washed and folded ready. Amie is making giraffe curtains this weekend (Thank You!!) specially. It’s such a big… thing. If only he knew. Maybe one day he will, even though it is unfortunate his mother is currently sick, he is giving me great joy.

It’s hard to comprehend some days. In the space of a week I’ve done a 180 degree emotional turnaround and now we’re getting “R” on Tuesday. Just one week after the first call. Seems so strange. It’s exaclty what I wanted and felt I needed, but all this waiting now is driving me insane. I guess getting the crib will give me something to focus on… getting it all set up and made and with a little stuffy for him. And finishing the room off… taking the remnants of the Halloween party out of there and setting the cute pictures back up. I also need to clean the diaper genie and figure out the old straps on Phoenix’s car seat to turn it back into a baby seat… errr….

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