And this just from Yahoo:

“Authorities have acknowledged that government troops shot dead nine demonstrators and a Japanese cameraman in Yangon[Rangoon]. But witness accounts range from several dozen deaths to as many as 200.

“We do believe the death toll is higher than acknowledged by the government,” Shari Villarosa, the top U.S. diplomat in Myanmar, told The Associated Press Monday. “We are doing our best to get more precise, more detailed information, not only in terms of deaths but also arrests.”

Villarosa said her staff had visited up to 15 monasteries around Yangon and every single one was empty. She put the number of arrested demonstrators — monks and civilians — in the thousands.

“I know the monks are not in their monasteries,” she said. “Where are they? How many are dead? How many are arrested?”

She said the true death toll may never be known in a Buddhist country where bodies are cremated.”

Makes me physically sick. I tremble with feelings I simply cannot express. Why is it always our red-robed brothers and sisters who pay the price for their peaceful protests? In Tibet it was (and is) still the same… and here again it is being repeated. I feel so shackled myself. As if these blog entries are nothing. A pathetic attempt at keeping information flowing. At Yelling my Compassion from my own corner of the world. What can I do? What can I do? I have donated to the Irrawaddy News Magazine. I have donated to Amnesty for this cause specifically. I blog daily, I pray. I wear red… but there are thousands who have been taken and are suffering countless tortures for a freedom we take for granted.

And it makes me distraught.