I haven’t posted here in a very long time. Mainly because I have gone through a long period of difficult health concerns which have led to me being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (amongst other things). Celiac is an autoimmune disease which causes the body to attack the intestine in response to ingestion of gluten. It’s been a learning curve over the past week or so. Gluten is in EVERYTHING (Even lipstick)!! I am fighting a desire to return to past behaviours. It would be so easy to use this as an excuse to dive headlong into “oh but there isn’t anything I can eat,” when in fact it’s just really, really difficult. Some people have been very understanding, and others simply ridiculously unempathetic and bullish. I am also amazed at the grocery store and how difficult it has become to navigate. At first I thought it would be easy… but there is malt or wheat or some form of gluten in everything. Take for example the cereal isle. Every inch of it useless to me. The rice has malt on it, which I can’t eat, and I’m to stay away from oats too… it’s a nightmare. And of course, companies making gluten-free products seem to think that because I have an autoimmune disease I must also have wads of cash. A small box of cereal costs over $5. It’s insane. I guess as someone said to me “well, you could always starve to death…” Yeah, great. Thanks.

It’s just been one of those… months though really. I’m returning to school completely unprepared. My medication is costing an arm and a leg (and I can’t really afford it) and I’m being run into the ground by medical expenses by all the tests which got me to this place in the begninning. It’s all happened so fast really. I’ve gone from happy and healthy and enjoying self-discovery in India, to being ill and somewhat depressed fighting the world for my two cents. I’ve heard that meeting great beings, such as the Karmapa and the Dalai Lama can cause negative karma to ripen, but really, this is getting to be too much!!

I’m going to try and update here more often. I miss journaling, and I miss my photography. Time to kick both back into gear with the oncoming Autumn and a time for rejuvenation and recovery…