Once again I would like to rededicate this blog to Adam Zilinskas and thank Adam’s wife and friends for allowing me to share moments of his trip with you.

Later that night some of the group attended chöd prayers down at Shugseb. I didn’t go. I was too tired… and too… thoughtful. I suppose I just wanted some space. I’d had a pleasant talk with Maggie and also Adam in the afternoon. It’s so refreshing to have made new connections. Adam is so wise, in such a quiet way. Sometimes we just sit, on the wall, watching the spider monkeys or the golden eagles, in silence. Each contemplating our own thoughts. It’s… nice.

It didn’t take the group long to get back, and Adam had taken some footage on his little camera. It was really interesting to see–and so thoughtful of him to take a little clip so that we all could see it.

Here is the clip: