Day Four

The mountains. Oh my Lord, the mountains. I forgot they were there until I looked up, and my eye was drawn upwards and upwards eventually stopping at the azure robe of the morning sky. How beautiful! I arose at 5.30am and went to prayers with the nuns. Walking past the dining room enroute to the temple, beautiful chanting echoed across the corridor. It was beyond words.  

This entry is hard to write. It reminds me a lot of Adam. He was staying in the clinic, in a little private room of his own (the guest house at Dolma Ling was all doubles and there were only four rooms, so with Debi making 8 women, there wasn’t room). The nuns seemed fascinated by his long hair and gentle bear like appearance. He was so tall and towered over most of them. He would always come to prayers, morning and evening and fold himself into a crosslegged position quietly and fully immerse himself in the process. Sometimes I forgot he was sitting right next to me. It seemed like he’d always been there. There are moments in my journal where I reflect on his status as lone male within the group as well as conversations and observations of him. Reading them now is hard. I’ve had this page open for two days. Perhaps I should simply add some photos, and come back to the words in a while…