So I’ve been a bit scarce lately. I think I’ve just been quietly re-evaluating a great many things. Meditating on silence.. and it’s been very nice.

I leave for India in a week and two days–Yep, next Thursday. I’m very… non-commital about the whole thing. I suppose I won’t believe it’s happening until I land in Delhi. I have five papers to write and two exams to take before I go. I called off work today so that I can perhaps get some work done; I at least want to finish this one paper I’ve started on.

Being back at University is rather strange. I feel like I just don’t fit with anyone there. They’re all so concerned with their looks and their grades and who they can sleep with next… I wander alone through the hoardes of students and feel glad that I’m no longer in that place. I’m happy, I’m married. I have a child, I have a future that’s my own.

I have the silence

and I’m in love with letting go.