Things are going crazy here. I finished one of the essays I needed to and will drop that off tomorrow along with my hideously overdue library books. I go back to University on the 26th, D goes away for five days on the 27th, and then I go to India on the 5th of April.

I’m trying just to take it like this is how it’s supposed to be.

I’ve started walking my dogs every morning with my neighbour. It’s fun to see two women walking four big dogs, 😉 People tend to give us a wide berth!

I get the results of the bone scan in a week (the 20th) and I should probably get the results for my thyroid screen back then. I guess I’m just trying to get on with getting on. It’s depressing when I never feel good though.

I got the finalized itinerary for the trip today. It’s really going to happen! I am really nervous too. How to pack, how to arrange my stuff, what to take? None of that stuff has even crossed my mind. I don’t really care. I would be happy to just go in what I’m wearing … I’m still in shock that I’m actually going.

It’s weird.