The specialist found that I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. According to her (and her amazing people-skills) that wouldn’t cause my symptoms. However, after extensive reading on the ‘net (including articles on google scholar) I found out that a deficiency is linked to autoimmune disease, as well as to fibromyalgia, depression, and osteomalacia. I guess I need to go back to my own dr like she told me.

Phoenix gets his cast off on Monday. YAY. I have SO much to do on Monday, it’s not funny AND it’s supposed to be my birthday. I’m not celebrating though… nor am I really getting any presents (like normal people 😉 … I don’t really do presents or birthdays).

I go to India in three weeks or so. I can’t believe it. Luckily another lady, Kate, from the trip is flying out of Chicago on the same flight, so we can talk over the 17 or so hours it takes to Delhi. I’ll post my itinerary when it’s all finalized. I know we spend a day in Delhi, then go by sleeper train to Pathankot and on to Dharamsala by jeep. I really AM so excited. I hope that I can… make something of the trip. Something worthwhile.

They’re looking for donations of a couple of used laptops, digital camera equipment etc for the monks/nuns. I’m so sad that I don’t have anything to offer but ME. I feel that’s not quite enough somehow. I do plan to create a book or something of photographs and Tibetan text/English text when I get back. Even if it doesn’t sell or anything, perhaps I can gift it back to them?

We also get to visit HH Dalai Lama’s residence and spend a day there, including dinner. THAT has me in a panic. It’s been a life’s dream to meet HHDL and if he showed up I think I’d die on the spot!!

I’m feeling sort of… almost like I can get most of what I need to done today. As long as I scoot into another room and let Phoenix play in here.

I feel… quite content.