Snowflakes, tumbling surprised to the ground. Affronted by the lack of playmates they raise their hands in dispair and slowly disappear. Like a child, I marvel at their dance. At the complexity that nature delivers daily.  I wonder how I can see anything but wonder in this world of ours.

I need to find an internship for the summer.

I will already be back in Archives & Rare Books working on an exhibit etc, but I need an internship.

If you’ve any idea of the area of Cincinnati, then you know this is a pretty impossible task (unless you’re an engineer). Most of the things I want to do are based in New York, Seattle, or Washington D.C. *sigh*.

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. My focuses are: Asia (Japan, China and India), Human Rights, and photojournalism.  I really don’t have a clue (Amnesty has nothing here, the Associated Press bureau is the local newspaper, and honestly… there’s no way I’d intern there, other than that, I don’t have a clue!)