Everything is going crazy here!

I paid the $500 deposit for the trip today. Also filled out my visa form.. and I’m not allowed to mention that I’m going to Dharamsala (apparently takes longer to process… eek!) There’s also a clickable “platial” map over <—- there that shows roughly where I am going.

So tomorrow I have to faff around and take passport sized photos of myself to send off with the $60 for the visa. Then I need to complete the other forms and mail them off too.

My mala bracelet came today–which was a nice surprise. Maybe it will show up in my next video 😉 Also got other nice surprises today…

My ex-boss emailed me to tell me that he understands my decision to leave completely, and that he’ll hold open the post for me should I want to return in spring or summer. Not only that, but one of the exhibits I was working on still remains unfinished, and he said that he would be willing to sign me up for independent study to finish that and do some extended readings, as long as the Dean agrees, so that I don’t have to drop out entirely for this quarter (all this stuff can be done at home).

I was so surprised. He also said to keep in touch regardless… made me feel so much better about everything!

Other than that, we’re iced in tight here: