Debi emailed me back and said that there had been no places left, but right before I emailed her, a couple dropped out! She said it must be meant to be–and I am inclined to agree! So now I have to send off $500 deposit to keep my space and try and talk my way into receiving some funding. I also want to find some way of purchasing a canon rebel digital–and they’re only about $500 these days. That way I can take really good pictures when I am there. I can’t wait. REALLY can’t wait.

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I have so much work to do today, but I don’t know how I am going to get it done. Phoenix had a rough night last night and so I am really tired. He’s really tired today too–and I have a million things I NEED to do which are out of the house and therefore I can’t do them today.

I have an exam or two or three on Monday and I am SO not prepared. I suppose I should spend the day studying, but I am just soooo tired that I really don’t want to do anything. Like, zeeeeero. I suppose I can do some reading later. I realized I haven’t been in school for a week. I think I may be in a bit of academic trouble… but I’ve been in worse.

If I can just get my arse into gear this week, I’ll be able to get back on top of things.