Phoenix’s operation went well today. He was in for  about five hours total and then we came home. He’s asleep right now, wearing his spiffy green cast (and blueberry has a matching one!)

I am quitting my job. Just about to email my boss actually. Not looking forward to that. Going to work for Dave as he needs it, and it means that I’m justifying the expenses I have on my credit cards.

Next, Dave said that if I can’t secure funding for the trip to India he’ll (perhaps) pay for it (from the money we made from the house)!!! Can you believe that? So it looks as though I may just be going either way. I emailed the Taft grant people asking if they thought I would qualify, because it would be good to get as much as I can!

I am so excited… but I am also really nervous in case I finally get the go ahead and there are no more places.

I didn’t go into school today–I emailed all of my professors and just told them that I was not comfortable missing any of his surgery and that I’d make up any work next week.

They were alright with it, and good job because I would have created a stink.

I’m tired.