Yay. Snow day for me. Mainly because it took me almost 4 hours to get back from the hospital yesterday all told. Don’t really feel like struggling through the cold and snow again today. Besides which my knees feel as if someone stuck knives between the bones.

I do get to make an exam up on Friday which means I don’t have to drop a class. I’ll have plenty of time to read tomorrow with Fee’s operation. ugh. 😦

Though I do also need to make up my Japanese exam. I’ll probably do that on Friday too. And then, miraculously I shall be all caught up–if only for a wee while. Not too bad though considering.

I need a nap.

a long hairy nap.

Man. They just changed Phoenix’s operation to Friday morning. At 11. Which sucks, because I have that exam… and then I can’t make up any others after that and I’ll miss classes. Fuck. We have to be there at 9.30am. Which means I’ll have to rush that exam and head over. Ugh. I hate everything right now.