Man. I left to see Dr B at 1.30pm. I got to see her at 2.45pm. I left from her office at about 4.30pm. I did not get home until 7.30pm.

Snow emergency. Mmmhmmm. We have about 6″ of the stuff.

It said online that UC is closed. I hope they stay closed. I haven’t studied for anything. I’m so exhausted. Completely… wiped. The snow is pretty.

Dr B wants me to quit my job. I said no. I love my job, and I’m not willing to quit. Even though I’m hardly ever there. We watched the cars sitting in the snow and talked about the size of my ass.

The city was awash with frigid colour today. Everyone looking a little rotund–bundled up against the freezing air. I chuckled. They’re all Fat_Like_Me. It amused me that no matter who amongst us was overly obsessed wth thier bodies–we all looked f.a.t

Gotta love the winter.