Guess who’s not at Uni? Yeah, that would be me… I am sick again. I missed an exam, but the professor said since he does best out of three, as long as I’m prepared for the next one then it doesn’t matter. I guess I’m cool with that. I don’t have much choice really.

I’m going to record my Japanese speech tonight, see how it sounds. Hopefully my professor will be proud of me. If not then 生害…

I can’t believe that I will be a senior soon. Having to do my senior thesis. ugh. Something on Asia and Human Rights. I have a LOT of work to do this weekend. But with the weather being as nasty as it is, that shouldn’t be a problem. If I take today off, and allow myself some breathing room, then work all weekend and study Japanese for the exam on Monday, read the books for the Balkan people’s exam on Wednesday, write two of the essays for my incompletes and go over the Shia/Sunni stuff for next week too. Then I’ll be SO much more in control.

What else? I want a wii and almost succumbed yesterday. Of course that would do very little for my current academic apathy, LOL.

Okay. Well, enough random ramblings.