First I have to say Good Luck to C, as she has an interview at UWE today–so I hope that goes REALLY well!! It’s great that you have an interview!

Secondly, we’re closing George’s house tonight. Dave’s dad never even got to live there, but now we’re finally getting it off our hands and a family can move in. Woo. I am so glad. That house has been taking so much of Dave’s time.. and our money. It’s sad in a way too though–sort of one of the last things that linked us to him is going…

I am sick today. Again. In a lot (a lot a lot) of pain. The celebrex isn’t working, so I might have to raid the last of my vicodin. It’s the costochondritis in my chest. Makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack–and today the pain goes all the way into my right shoulder and down to my elbow. I also feel rather like I’ve been hit by a large and heavy object moving at a great velocity. I have stomach pains, swollen face, headache and just want to curl up in my bed. Which I only just got out of.

I have a paper/map due tomorrow, as well as an exam. Uck. But I am hoping staying home today will make me feel better tomorrow. All I can do is hope. I also have tutoring with Tomiko ( 🙂 ) which makes me very happy. I love her and I haven’t seen her in so long. I can’t sign up for it though, which is killing me–so I have to go to the LAC and do it there–which means tomorrow morning. Oh well. I’d pay her $20 for 90 minutes. She’s totally worth the money and more.

Okay. I’m off to eat breakfast. I’ll probably be back later with equally banal ramblings..