It’s -10 right now, and we’re only expected to get to around -1 or 0. Fun. I have to leave for school in a bit–but since I’ve been eating everything that isn’t nailed down lately, I’m having a clothing crisis. Not that they don’t fit, just that they’re tighter and that makes getting dressed… difficult.

I need to do a detox though. All the crap isn’t helping make anything better. So, today I start a juice/water fast for as long as I deem necessary. With my willpower, that’ll probably be all of two days, lol.

It’s weird. As much as I hate school, I love it. I love my Japanese and associated other classes. I can’t believe that I graduate in about 4 quarters.. that’s just a year and a half. I really need to get these incompletes sorted this weekend coming. It’s a MUST. That way, by next quarter my GPA will go from it’s shoddy 3.57 to 3.7. WOO.

Okay. Now I really should be getting ready instead of writing crap in here… oh well.